Success Stories

Success Stories

Every client, situation, and project is unique. The Georgia Tech team works to understand each company’s individual needs and customize a solution that best fits those needs. We strive to gain measurable results for our clients, which we then report up to the NIST MEP organization on a quarterly basis. These success stories are compiled at the conclusion of various projects and are a testament to the relationships built and the teamwork that Georgia Tech and each of our clients have.

Recreational Vehicle Manufacturer Implements OHSAS 18001 and Integrates into Existing Management Systems

Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation (YMMC) |  OHSAS 18001, Management Systems

YMMC, a manufacturer of recreational vehicles in Newnan, Georgia, partnered with the GaMEP to implement OHSAS 18001 into their existing management systems. By doing so they were able to become more streamlined by ensuring one set of documentation and one reporting structure. Learn more

Industrial Automation Company Finds Solutions Using Lean Tools and Growth Strategies

TSI Solutions |  Lean Tools and TDMI

TSI Solutions, an industrial automation company, in Stone Mountain, Georgia, worked with the GaMEP to improve processes throughout their entire organization and discover new markets for an existing product. Learn more

Landscape Truck Manufacturer Grows Business by Rethinking Their Product Designs

Super Lawn Trucks |  Product Design

Super Lawn Trucks, a manufacturer of specialized landscaping truck systems, in Fort Valley, Georgia, worked with the GaMEP to develop prototypes in order to reengineer products for their clients, as well as design additional products for a new market. Learn more

Pallet Jack Manufacturer Organically Produces Change

Wesley International |  ERP, Assembly

Wesley International, a pallet jack manufacturer in Scottdale, Georgia, implemented an ERP system to better manage the process and flow of their orders. Additionally they worked with the GaMEP to organize their assembly work areas, improving flow, generating functionality and creating accountability for materials. Learn more

Aerospace Repair Manufacturer Prepares for a More Efficient Process

International Component Repair |  Plant Layout

ICR, an FAA repair shop specializing in the overhaul of commercial aerospace airframes and engine components, needed to restructure their plant layout before moving to a new facility. They worked with the GaMEP to create a single-flow production process. Learn more

Gaming Manufacturer Takes Kontrol of a Niche in the Market

KontrolFreek Classic

KontrolFreek |  Business Development, Manufacturing

Ashish Mistry, CEO of KontrolFreek, a manufacturer of a niche product in the gaming industry, moved his startup company to Atlanta to take advantage of Georgia Tech resources, including the GaMEP and ATDC. Learn more

Two Owners Sign Up for a Culture of Continuous Improvement

The Sign Brothers |  Process Improvement, Lean Culture

The Sign Brothers, a sign manufacturer in Athens, realized that their large number of SKU's and techniques required to produce custom products was starting to cause confusion and slow down their production time. They reached out to the GaMEP for help in identifying ways to improve their production process and inspire their employees to participate in a lean culture. Learn more

Canning Manufacturer Makes Improvements to Facilitate Business Growth

Crider Plant Floor

Crider Foods |  Warehouse Layout, Lean

Crider Foods, a canning and frozen/fully cooked poultry manufacturer, wanted to seek out opportunities within new markets as part of the company growth plan, but could not do so because of capacity issues. Crider worked with the GaMEP to build a more efficient warehouse space and reduce bottlenecks at production lines, which allowed the company to grow and pursue new opportunities. Learn more

Non-Profit Serves Up a Lean Culture to Become Better Stewards of their Funding

Organized Food Containers At Open Hand

Open Hand |  Culture Change, Lean

Open Hand, a non-profit prepared meal provider, used a Value Stream Map to identify problem areas and lean techniques to make improvements to plant layout, the meal preparation process and company culture. Learn more