Top Management Coaching

Top Management Coaching

Are you the owner or on the C-level team of a small or mid-sized manufacturing company? If so, then you know working at a small or mid-sized company has many benefits, but it also means that you wear numerous hats and resources may not always be available for every management need.

Top Management Coaching

Georgia Tech has experienced, industrial business entrepreneurs who provide one-on-one business coaching to understand your needs, provide expertise, guide you, and make unbiased recommendations designed to meet your company goals.


Georgia Tech will make a site visit to understand your organization and its overall goals. After an objective and confidential examination of your company, Georgia Tech will work with your company’s top management on areas such as business strategy, marketing, human resources, and financials that will help:

  • Identify needs for improvement and growth
  • Develop an overall direction
  • Build an actionable plan that can be carried out by minimal staff
  • Prioritize the items within the plan


Upon going through the top management coaching process, your company will:

  • Have better insight into current issues and opportunities
  • Be able to implement recommendations from an impartial, external resource
  • Improve company relations
  • Closely align its strategies to goals

Contact Us

If you are interested in finding out more about Top Management Coaching, contact Don Pital or the regional manager in your area.

Did You Know?

Georgia Tech hosts monthly CEO roundtables, designed to provide CEO’s of small and mid-sized businesses with a confidential forum to openly discuss business issues. These monthly meetings create an environment to learn from other CEOs having similar experiences, peer-to-peer mentoring, and open discussions. Contact your regional manager to find the group closest to you.

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