Strategic Business Development

Strategic Business Development

Having a strategic plan with attainable goals and actionable items supporting the plan is important for success. Georgia Tech employs qualified entrepreneurs with experience developing and running numerous manufacturing companies to help coach your company in strategic planning and implementation to increase your top-line growth.

Strategic Business Development

By putting an effective strategy in place, we can help your company:

  • Prepare for its future
  • Align strategy and goals
  • Identify opportunities for business growth
  • Increase top-line growth
  • Increase market potential
  • Develop a sustainable system for long-term business development
  • And more

Who Will Benefit

Small and mid-sized manufacturing companies interested in having an unbiased, experienced advisor help guide them in one or more business areas to drive decisions and change to meet your company’s goals.

Strategic Business Development Services

Meet the Strategic Business Development Experts

Led by Don Pital, the Strategic Business Development project team has years of experience in company analysis, project implementation, instruction, and team training.