Setup Reduction / Changeover

Setup Reduction / Changeover

Do you know how long it takes to set-up one of your machines? If not, timing the process can be an interesting exercise and very telling. If you do know how long it takes, have you thought about how much more productive your team could be if the process were shortened?

Setup Reduction Changeover

Using the SMED system (Single Minute Exchange of Dies) designed by Shigeo Shingo, a leading expert on manufacturing practices, we can help you develop and implement a system to set-up almost any machine on your plant floor in dramatically less time.


For project work, Georgia Tech will make a site visit to review and define your current set-up process, discuss reasons and barriers to reducing set-up time, and work with you and your team to map out the steps, using the SMED system, needed to reduce your machine set-up and/or changeover time to an appropriate time that will help you:

  • Provide your customers with shorter lead times
  • Offer your customers more variety and increased customization
  • Gain both productivity and efficiency from your employees

In addition to project work, we can come to your site and train your team. Through instruction, shop floor implementation, and simulated exercises, our team of experts will give you the tools necessary to quickly and efficiently set-up your machines.


Upon completion of a set-up reduction implementation, your plant will:

  • Reduce costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Minimize set-up errors
  • Decrease accidents due to set-up and changeover
  • Increase manufacturing capacity
  • Lower inventory levels and finished goods

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If you are interested in finding out more about implementing Setup Reduction / Changeover or training your team, contact Tim Israel or the regional manager in your area.