Lean Process Improvement

Lean / Process Improvement

Improving processes by working smarter helps to minimize waste within numerous areas of a company. Lean, a system for continuous process improvement, was developed primarily from the Toyota Production System (TPS), and helps to shorten the order-to-cash cycle by defining what is value according to the customer, and organizing and improving processes to deliver what is needed, when it is needed, and with minimal waste.

Lean Process Improvement

Whether it’s your plant floor, production line, front office, or more, we can customize a solution that best fits your needs. By implementing Lean methods, we can help your company:

  • Decrease cycle time
  • Reduce inventory and work-in-process
  • Increase capacity
  • Increase productivity while improving quality
  • Streamline processes and workflow
  • And more

Who Will Benefit

Manufacturing companies wanting to improve product and customer value, reduce costs, or increase profits. Lean methods are applicable to all type of enterprises, including Healthcare, Government, Institutional Organizations, and more.

Lean Services

Many of these Lean processes can also be applied to non-manufacturing companies. In addition, as a resource to manufacturers within Georgia, Georgia Tech offers four Lean Consortium Groups throughout the state.

Training Courses

The following courses are open to the public:

Any of the above courses plus the ones below can be customized and brought to your facility to train your team.

  • Setup Reduction / Changeover – Get the tools needed to quickly and efficiently set-up your machines
  • Lean Overview – Gain an understanding of the Lean tools and the eight wastes, as well as experience a simulation which illustrates how Lean works
  • Value Stream Mapping – Learn the tools and how to create current and future state maps to help guide your improvement efforts

Meet the Lean Experts

Led by Tim Israel, the Lean project team has years of experience in company analysis, project implementation, instruction, and team training.

Did You Know?

Georgia Tech has four Lean Consortium Groups in Georgia designed to help members advance their knowledge and effective use of Lean principles through shared training and peer-to-peer relationships. Find out more about the Lean Consortium, How to Become a Member, and the list of Current Members, or contact your regional manager for more information today.