Energy Management

Energy Management

In today’s economy, saving money when costs are rising is a challenge. Understanding your energy systems and incorporating best practices in one or more areas can significantly impact your bottom line. Georgia Tech, a worldwide leader in helping organizations improve their energy performance, played an instrumental role in the development of the new international Energy Management Standard, ISO 50001. Whether it’s quantifying energy saving opportunities, incorporating energy-efficient technologies, or implementing an energy management system, we will help you find an energy solution that best fits your needs.

Energy Management

By working with you on an energy solution, we can help your company:

  • Develop energy goals that align with your strategic plan
  • Improve energy performance
  • Implement energy improvements that will be sustained
  • Increase energy awareness
  • Reduce its environmental impact
  • Improve purchasing practices
  • Increase profitability
  • And more

Who Will Benefit

Organizations interested in moving from a reactionary to a sustainable energy management approach in order to improve their bottom line, sustain savings, and reduce environmental impacts.

Energy Management Services

Many of these services can also be applied to non-manufacturing companies.

Training Courses

The following courses are open to the public:

  • Basic Energy + Introduction to ISO 50001 - Two courses in one! Basic Energy: Provides information about basic energy that is needed before taking either the ISO 50001 Energy Lead Auditor Training or the Certified Practitioner Training courses. Introduction to ISO 50001: This course covers the elements of ISO 50001 and what they require.
  • ISO 50001 EnMS Lead Auditor Training - Approach ISO 50001 from the professional auditor's point of view by focusing on key audit skills that enhance auditing capability.
  • ISO 50001 Introduction to Energy Management Systems - Learn about energy management and the elements of ISO 50001 and what they require.

The above courses plus the ones below can be customized and brought to your facility to train your team.

  • Understanding ISO 50001 - Learn what is required and how to implement ISO 50001 in your manufacturing plant (course is offered on-site only)
  • Internal Auditing for ISO 50001 - Learn to implement an internal auditing process throughout your organization (course is offered on-site only)
  • Energy Performance for ISO 50001 Auditors – Learn the techniques to audit energy performance within an organization
  • Certified Practitioner in Energy Management Systems – Acquire the skills to help organizations become certified to Superior Energy Performance
  • Superior Energy Performance Lead Auditor - Learn to approach Superior Energy Performance from an auditor's point of view
  • Superior Energy Performance Verifier – Acquire the statistical skills and knowledge to verify energy performance as it relates to the Superior Energy Performance program

Meet the Energy Management Experts

Led by Bill Meffert, the Energy Management project team has years of experience in company analysis, project implementation, instruction, and team training.