The GaMEP provides support, coaching, education, and resources to Georgia manufacturers designed to increase top line growth and reduce bottom line costs. Our approach is to work with each client individually, understand your needs, and recommend a customized plan to meet your unique goals and objectives. The below services are a list of broad services offered, each comprised of numerous individual services. Contact the manager in your region for more information.

Services Offered

Who Will Benefit

The GaMEP assists manufacturers across Georgia who are looking for ways to grow and stay competitive in the market. Many of our services can also be applied to industries such as healthcare, government, and commercial businesses. Contact the manager in your region for more information.

Why Georgia Tech?

The Georgia Tech GaMEP program provides a broad range of expertise in project management, engineering, implementation, and more. GaMEP:

  • Connects clients to both Georgia Tech and state resources
  • Is measured by client impacts, such as jobs retained and created, cost savings, and increased sales
  • Is a state and federally funded program resulting in lower costs for industrial clients
  • Contains nationally and internationally recognized project managers located throughout Georgia
  • Is comprised of team members with years of hands-on implementation experience
  • Has a deep knowledge base within the organization, helping to bring customized solutions to our clients
  • Provides a team-based approach
  • Teaches you the processes and how to succeed on your own
  • Strives to be your partner