Level-One Energy Assessment

Level-One Energy Assessments

Is your organization ready to improve its energy performance, but unsure of where to start and what actually needs to be done?

Georgia Tech offers level-one energy assessments, based on a company's size and needs, to review where the company's energy dollars are going and to assist in identifying energy and cost saving opportunities. Level-one service can be customized to fit a company's needs. Level-two and system energy assessments are also available.

Level-One Energy Assessment


Georgia Tech will visit your organization, review the plant operations, and work with plant personnel to:

  • Evaluate where your facility's energy consumption and dollars are going
  • Identify areas of focus for improved performance
  • Review energy cost opportunities and best practices
  • Determine cost savings of low cost / no cost opportunities
  • Develop a next step action plan


By conducting a level-one assessment, your company will:

  • Understand and prioritize energy cost reduction opportunities
  • Generate savings which go straight to the bottom line
  • Promote continuous improvement in the area of energy management
  • Reduce environmental impact

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For a plant-wide energy assessment, contact Bill Meffert or the regional manager in your area.