Family Business Coaching

Family Business Coaching

Are you an integral part of your family business? Is your family preparing to change leadership within the company and pass it along to another family member? Is your family interested in preparing the business for sale by making it more profitable?

Family Business Coaching

Many times family businesses need an outside perspective in order to make important decisions and prepare for change. By engaging with a family business advisor, you are taking the steps necessary to prepare your company for its’ future success.


A Georgia Tech certified Family Business Advisor will make a site visit to understand your needs, conduct a family business assessment and lead sessions, as necessary, on exit strategy planning, strategic planning, succession planning, and conflict management that will help your company:

  • Plan for the future in areas such as company growth, current funding sources, and how to gain new funding
  • Understand and identify company requirements needed to take the next step toward your organizational goals
  • Recommend management and employee hiring needs
  • Open up lines of communication between family members and staff

Family Business Coaching can be applied to any small or mid-sized organization.


Upon implementing recommended changes, your company will:

  • Have a defined strategic plan and direction
  • Minimize miscommunication and conflict
  • Positively impact family relationships
  • Increase the viability and sustainability of the family business
  • Establish a culture of mentoring the next generation of leaders within your family business

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If you are interested in finding out more about Family Business Coaching, contact Don Pital or the regional manager in your area.